Troubleshooting Layer 2 Technologies with ArubaOS-Switch

by Leigh Bogardis

This course aims to deliver some initial troubleshooting skills to technicians and engineers taking their first steps into ArubaOS-Switch. Along the way, you will learn to configure corollary services that help in the management of those devices.

What you'll learn

Troubleshooting network devices is an acquired skill, but this course aims to initiate that process. In this course, Troubleshooting Layer 2 technologies with ArubaOS-Switch, you will learn foundational knowledge to not only begin troubleshooting problems but also to manage the devices. First, you will learn how to deploy centralized services to log in and manage the switch. Next, you will discover how to use show and display commands to make initial troubleshooting diagnoses. Finally, you will explore how to use certain debug traces to pinpoint problems that are not covered in the show commands. When you're finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of troubleshooting needed to become a better network engineer with ArubaOS-Switch.

About the author

Leigh cut his teeth on frame relay and ATM at the turn of the century, moved on to SDH and DWDM for the new millennium, returned to TCP/IP in 2008 and has enjoyed the opportunities offered him by various clients and companies. Currently focusing on network design and architecture, as well as virtualization and security.

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