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Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams: Voice Issues

by Daniel Stern

This course will teach you to troubleshoot Microsoft Teams issues relating to voice, video, phone systems, and more using the Microsoft Teams dashboard and tools including the Call Quality Dashboard.

What you'll learn

Major companies depend on efficient and affordable voice communication, both within the organization and with external parties, to facilitate business. When these services don’t work, it’s critical they’re resolved in a timely and knowledgeable manner. In this course, Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams: Voice Issues, you’ll learn to resolve common problems related to configuring and implementing voice communication features, and to handle new and unexpected problems in an intelligent, efficient manner. First, you’ll explore solving problems related to audio, video, and dropped calls. Next, you’ll discover common problems related to integrating with emergency services, and see how to troubleshoot them. Finally, you’ll learn how to troubleshoot problems related to direct routing. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of troubleshooting Microsoft Teams needed to quickly solve costly voice communication problems and keep business running smoothly.

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About the author

Daniel Stern is a coder, web developer and programming enthusiast from Toronto, Ontario, where he works as a freelance developer and designer. Daniel has been working with web technologies since the days of the dial-up, and is especially keen on JavaScript, CSS, Angular, React and TypeScript. Over the course of his work as an open-source developer, he's created many community-standards web tools including Angular Audio and Range.CSS. His tool, Range.CSS, was featured in a guest article on CSS-T... more

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