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Using Arrays and Collections in TypeScript 5

by Jill Gundersen

This course will teach you how to utilize collections in TypeScript, including arrays, tuples, maps, and sets.

What you'll learn

Did you know that TypeScript and C# were created by the same person back in 2012? TypeScript was meant to address the shortcomings of JavaScript, one of those being strongly typed variables. In this course, Using Arrays and Collections in TypeScript 5, you’ll learn how to utilize strongly typed variables and work with each collection type in TypeScript. First, you’ll explore arrays and tuples. Next, you’ll discover maps and their potential. Finally, you’ll learn how to master sets. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of TypeScript collections needed to handle, manage, and manipulate large and small amounts of data.

About the author

Jill is a freelance software developer who works on all things technical and loves it. Her main development focus has been on web applications utilizing Microsoft technologies or the LAMP stack depending on her client's needs. Jill enjoyed her time teaching at the local college, but now is focused on teaching students via her Pluralsight courses. And, if you were wondering, Han shot first.

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