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TypeScript: The Big Picture

by Simon Allardice

This course is a technical introduction and overview of TypeScript — a language that “wraps around” JavaScript to help us avoid common issues and improves not just the code itself, but the entire developer experience writing JavaScript apps.

What you'll learn

Most language courses immediately zoom in on syntax, but it’s beneficial to stay zoomed out for a minute and get clear on what TypeScript is and why you might use it.

In this course, TypeScript: The Big Picture, you'll view a fast-paced, pragmatic, and technical overview of TypeScript.

First, you'll learn some reasons for using TypeScript.

Next, you'll discover tooling, basic syntax, and how TypeScript can be used both by itself and with other frameworks.

Finally, you’ll explore the main features TypeScript adds to the JavaScript development world, with a focus on writing Enterprise-level applications.

When you're finished with this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge needed to get started writing TypeScript, evaluate it against other technologies, or work with people and projects using it.

About the author

Simon is Creative Director and Principal Author at Pluralsight. With over three decades of software development experience, he's programmed in every discipline: from finance to transportation, nuclear reactors to game development. Prior to joining Pluralsight, Simon was the principal developer author at His first video course released back in 2002: since then, his popular courses have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of developers. His current focus is both on the new — the latest... more

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