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Practical TypeScript Migration

by Steve Ognibene

This course teaches practical techniques for migrating existing projects from JavaScript to TypeScript.

What you'll learn

In Practical TypeScript Migration, Steve Ognibene converts a web application that uses popular libraries like jQuery and Knockout to TypeScript. The example app is entirely HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, so this course is equally applicable to users of any server-side framework. Steve recommends migration techniques that work well, and highlights some things to avoid. He also makes sure to cover related subjects like source control and preparing your team. Once the application is converted over, Steve demonstrates the code refactoring capabilities that TypeScript enables, and then assembles a TypeScript build script using Grunt and other Node.js tools. After watching this course, you will be well prepared to migrate your existing JavaScript code to TypeScript.

About the author

Steve Ognibene is an application developer in New York City specializing in SQL Server, C#, VB.NET and TypeScript. Steve started as a system admin in 1998 working with Windows NT 4.0, and got involved with scripting and Windows automation in the SMS 2.0 days. He first did professional web development in 2000 on IIS 4 and classic ASP, pushing the limits of JavaScript on IE 5.5. Steve worked as a traveling consultant from 2004 to 2008 with disciplines and technologies across the Microsoft platfor... more

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