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Using Specialized Types and Language Features in TypeScript

by Hendrik Swanepoel

Ever stumbled across a TypeScript issue and became totally overwhelmed with the abstract documentation of advanced concepts? This course will help you solve even the most challenging typing and modeling issues that you will encounter in TypeScript.

What you'll learn

Most developers find it hard to learn and understand the more advanced features of TypeScript because the documentation and examples are often way too abstract and difficult to relate to the real world. In this course, Using Specialized Types and Language Features in TypeScript, you’ll learn how to deal with challenging problems that you will find in any significantly sized code base. First, you’ll explore options for differentiating types from each other at compile and run time. Next, you’ll discover how to create types that are inferred from other types and even generate new types from existing types. Finally, you’ll learn how to model your code to deal with custom iteration, infinite sequences, and metaprogramming with symbols. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of TypeScript needed to keep your code base performant, flexible, and type-safe.

Table of contents

Course Overview
Modeling Idiomatic Data Sources with Iterators

About the author

Hendrik kicked off his career in 2000 installing MS Outlook on PCs in coal mines throughout South Africa. Seriously. He had to wear a hard hat and everything. Luckily he got his foot into the door at a company that allowed him to play around with code. At a desk. Without a hard hat. In his day job Hendrik is a full stack coder from Cape Town, but at night he is a closet designer - meaning, a graphic designer too scared to share it with everyone, not someone that designs closets. For a large part... more

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