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Underscore.js Fundamentals

by Craig Shoemaker

Learn to take control of JavaScript collections, arrays, functions and objects all while improving the performance of your code and making your JavaScript more readable and expressive.

What you'll learn

Learn Underscore.js by focusing on each of the Underscore functions to learn to manipulate and control JavaScript collections, arrays, objects and functions. See how Underscore can significantly improve the performance of your code and how to the functional nature of the library can help make your code more expressive and easier to read. The last module of the course demonstrates how to use Underscore in an integration exercise to create aggregations, data manipulations, integrate with a ViewModel and extend the library to add your own functionality.

Table of contents

About the author

Craig Shoemaker is a Senior Content Developer for Microsoft on the Azure Container Apps and Azure Static Web Apps teams. On some days he's building internal tools to keep Microsoft employees productive, and others days creating guidance used by hundreds of thousands of developers. Additionally, Craig is a best selling Pluralsight author and co-host of the Web Rush podcast. You can reach Craig on Twitter at @craigshoemaker or join the conversation at Web Rush

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