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Understanding Ethical, Legal, and Security Issues in Data Science

by Emilio Melo

Data is being called the new oil, as you can generate so much value from it. However, if it's not properly secured, compliant and used ethically, it can quickly go from asset to liability. In this course, you'll learn how to manage data in Azure.

What you'll learn

With all the scandals hitting the news related to privacy, security breaches and bias issues, understanding how to properly manage data has become an increasingly demanded skill on the business world. In this course, Understanding Ethical, Legal, and Security Issues in Data Science, you will gain the ability to handle Azure-hosted data in a secure, highly available and compliant way. First, you will learn about the Shared Responsibility Model in the cloud, and your duties on this model. Next, you will discover authentication and authorization options in Azure, as well as how to maintain the data highly available. Finally, you will explore how to handle legal, compliance and ethical aspects in Azure. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of Data Management needed to host your workloads in the Microsoft cloud.

About the author

Emilio Melo is a globetrotting IT professional with projects in over 15 countries, mostly focused on Microsoft software. After 15 years of On Premises experience in Infrastructure, Data and Collaboration, he became fascinated by Cloud technologies and the incredible transformation potential it brings.

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