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AR Interactions and Worldspace UI in Unity

by Harrison Hutcheon

Augmented Reality can be much more than 3D objects visualized in world space! In this course, you'll learn to build AR applications that will engage users with a full suite of interactive elements, as well as explore World Space UIs in Unity.

What you'll learn

When creating Augmented Reality applications, properly utilized interactivity can engage users in new and interesting ways. In this course, AR Interactions and Worldspace UI in Unity, you will learn foundational knowledge of, as well as gain the ability to create an AR app that utilizes a full suite of interactive elements. First, you will learn how to draw in users with a World Space UI. Next, you will discover the variety of options for World Space UI interactivity. Finally, you will explore how to tailor interactive experiences to an AR application. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of AR interactivity needed to create AR promotional materials, games, and more!

Software required: Unity

About the author

Fuelled by a lifelong love of video games and interactive experiences, he has been developing and experimenting with different forms of interactive media. Harrison also has a passion for the education of the next generation of developers, having taught and mentored at the Lighthouse Labs Web Development Bootcamp in Toronto. He also works directly with the Lighthouse Administration to aid in the development of their curriculum.

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