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Beyond the Basics - Audio Tips and Tricks in Unity

by Jeanine Cowen

Take your audio to the next level in Unity, audio is the quickest way to provide immersive and interactive elements in your games. This course shows you powerful audio techniques to extend your Unity projects.

What you'll learn

Truly interactive audio responds to game states and interactions in an intelligent way. In this course, Beyond the Basics – Audio Tips and Tricks in Unity, you'll learn how the basics of C# scripting can bring your audio to life. This course shows any Unity developer how to make their audio more impactful. First, you'll learn more nimble and powerful audio techniques such as creating playlists, generating sounds in real-time, and prepping your audio in a DAW are presented. Next, you'll focus on re-usable concepts that transfer to all types of game genres. Finally, you'll bring together sound and audio concepts with implementation approaches that allow you to expand and leverage audio tools in Unity. By the end of this course, you'll know how to apply concepts of sound design and interactivity within your Unity projects.

About the author

Jeanine Cowen works as a freelance composer, music producer, and sound designer focusing primarily on the intersection of audio and visual medias. She trained at Northwestern University as a classical percussionist, graduated from Berklee College of Music with degrees in film scoring, and music production and engineering, and has completed master’s work in interactive design and game development. She maintains an active teaching presence in music composition and technology. As a highly experienc... more

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