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Design Eye-catching UI in Unity

by Lisa Walkosz-Migliacio

This course will help you along your path of creating a UI that looks and feels amazing. You'll learn tips that will take your game to the next level by giving your players the tools they need to interact with your game.

What you'll learn

User Interfaces are the glue between the player and the game that often go overlooked. In this course, Design Eye-catching UI in Unity, you will learn how to create an immersive UI in the Unity game engine that will take your game to the next level.

First, you will learn the basics of designing your digital aesthetics.
Next, you will explore how to put together UI components that every game needs, including life bars, dialogue systems, and maps.
Finally, you will discover how to customize these components to fit your game theme and give your players that extra wow factor.

By the end of the course, you’ll have a foundational understanding of the UI components that turn good games into great games.

Course FAQ

What is Unity UI?

The User Interface (UI) is the means by which the user and a program interact, and Unity UI is a specific toolkit for developing User Interfaces for games and applications.

What will this course teach me?

This Unity game engine tutorial will help you to create a UI that looks and feels amazing. Topics covered include:

  • Digital aesthetics in UI
  • Creating transitions - loading screens, fade in/out, etc.
  • Adding a life bar
  • Creating a dialogue system
  • Developing maps and mini-maps
  • Drag and drop elements
  • Rich User Interface design
  • Much more
Who should take this Unity UI tutorial?

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to make an effective and pleasant UI in Unity game engine. If you work in game development then this course will be especially useful to you.

Are there prerequisites to this course?

This course focuses primarily on developing UI in Unity, but it is not a general tutorial of the Unity game engine, so it does assume prior experience within Unity itself.

About the author

Lisa has worked in a software development for over a decade in web development, virtual reality, and video games. Armed with a degree in computer science and design, she has the perfect combination to bring digital works of art to life. She founded the game development company Intropy Games to make super cute games that can tug on your heartstrings. With multiple awards under her belt, she most recently was awarded for excellence in the Oculus Launch Pad in Virtual Reality.

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