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Iterative Level Design in Unity

by Rich Fiore

Unity is the premier game engine used in the industry today. This course will teach you how to use Unity's built-in modeling tools, how to "gray box" a large complex level, and how to sculpt an organic creature concept.

What you'll learn

Have you ever wasted time building a game level that just didn't work? If so this is the perfect course for you. In this course, Iterative Level Design in Unity, you will step through the creative process of level design from Design Document to gray-boxed level. First, you will extract the important information from the design document. Next, you will use Unity's built-in modeling tools to create a rough level to play through. Finally, you will utilize Unity's PolyBrush tools to create a creature concept model. When you are finished with this Unity course, you will not only know how to design and build a gray boxed game level but also how to use all of Unity's modeling tools. Software required: Unity 2018.1

About the author

Rich Fiore is a media artist specializing in 3D and Visual Effects. He has a Master’s Degree in Arts, Entertainment and Media Management from Columbia College of Chicago, and a Bachelor’s of Arts in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics from Northeastern Illinois University. Fiore has been a college instructor for visual effects, game design, and film since 2000. Prior to working in education, Fiore was Vice President of Creative Development for High Voltage Software Inc., working in game developme... more

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