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Animating Melee Combat in Maya and Unity

by Mark Butler

Melee battle scenes create unique, challenging, and fun tasks to animate. This course will show you how to use Unity and Maya to choreograph a compelling melee sequence.

What you'll learn

Creating a melee battle scene is one of the most fun and challenging animation tasks. In this course, Animating Melee Combat in Maya and Unity, you will get to see how to use a variety of animation techniques, including hand key-framing, hybrid animation with mocap clips, and some procedural animation to get it done. First, you will get to see the importance of the animatic and the scratch track for the audio in creating these scenes. Next, you will learn how to properly zero your characters and their relation to each other in world-space. Finally, you will go over editing changes and making improvements to your character in Maya. By the end of this course, you'll have a solid understanding of process, techniques, and commitment it takes to bring an exciting battle sequence to life.

About the author

Mark has over 15 years professional experience animating and creating 3D assets in Maya, MotionBuilder, and other CGI software for real-time broadcast and video games. His focus is on character animation, rigging, and motion capture for body, face, and hands. Mark is a pioneer in real-time live performance animation and avatars, using markerless motion capture as well as wireless inertial body suits and gloves. Mark was a part of the Emmy-award winning animation team on NBC’s “Heroes”, and ... more

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