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Creating Game Environments in Unity and Maya

by Dan John Cox

In this course, you'll sample many of the skills needed to create a successful game environment. This will include artistic tasks such as composition and game development skills like reusing geometry and textures.

What you'll learn

Game environment art requires skill from many disciplines and a careful balance of small-scale detail with big picture impact. This course, Creating Game Environments in Unity and Maya, will show you how to think and act like an environment artist, breaking out of the mentality to simply focus on single items and throwing them into a scene. First, you will examine the basics of environment modeling concepts and fundamentals. Next, you’ll focus in on how to iteratively incorporate many elements into a larger scene and beyond. Last, you’ll create a rendered scene that respects asset reuse, tiling textures, and Unity plugins. By the end this course, you’ll not only have an understanding of how to create a dynamic fantasy scene for games inside Unity but also the knowledge to iteratively incorporate many elements into a larger scene and beyond. Software Required: Unity and Maya.

About the author

Dan John Cox has worked in the games industry for 8 years as both an environmental, concept, and character artist. He has worked at Pseudo Interactive, Frozen North Productions, Bedlam Games, Ubisoft Toronto, and Capybara Games in a variety of capacities. He has also taught Game Art at Seneca College in Toronto for 8 years and has assisted in bringing many new artists into the workforce. He's spoken at events such as GamerCamp, IGDA, Creativa Mexico, GameConnection Paris, and GDC 2014 and 2015.

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