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Unity Navigation Fundamentals

by Dano Kablamo

This course will help all Unity Developers, AI Programmers, and Game Designers who want to have a solid foundation in Unity Navigation and pathfinding. Software required: Unity 2017 1.1.

What you'll learn

Unity includes a fantastic Navigation system that you can use to your advantage. In this course, Unity Navigation Fundamentals, you will cover Unity’s built-in navigation system in depth. You will learn how to work with NavMeshes, NavMeshAgents and off-mesh links. Next, you will use NavMeshObstacles to create some basic AI for your game or simulation characters. Finally, you'll learn more advanced techniques such as parabolic jumping and letting the player take control of a navigation character. When you're finished with this course, you will have a complete and thorough knowledge of Unity’s AI Navigation system for your games or simulations. Software required: Unity 2017 1.1.

About the author

Dano Kablamo (Dano Harry) has been producing media his entire life, starting with homemade superhero cards at the age of five, hundreds of songs, an ecological documentary film, and now a new PC video game. He's an insatiable creator driven by the love of his craft.

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