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Prototyping Virtual Reality Experiences with Unity

by Harrison Hutcheon

Learn to create prototypes and rapidly iterate on your Virtual Reality Experience ideas.

What you'll learn

At the core of Virtual Reality application development is the ability to quickly implement and test VR mechanics, level design, and gameplay. A developer needs to know if a concept is engaging and intuitive before pursuing it as a project. In Prototyping Virtual Reality Experiences with Unity, you’ll learn how to quickly design VR experience prototypes, and how to determine if a concept is ready for full time development. First, you’ll learn what a prototype is, what specifically goes into a VR experience prototype, and begin to design the experience. Next, you’ll populate an environment with interactive elements and game play elements. After that, you'll explore the benefits of analog testing new game mechanics before implementing them in an experience. Finally, you'll take what you've learned from analog an user testing to implement new mechanics and game play. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have a foundational knowledge of Prototyping Virtual Reality Experiences with Unity, which will help you create robust and engaging Virtual Reality experiences

About the author

Fuelled by a lifelong love of video games and interactive experiences, he has been developing and experimenting with different forms of interactive media. Harrison also has a passion for the education of the next generation of developers, having taught and mentored at the Lighthouse Labs Web Development Bootcamp in Toronto. He also works directly with the Lighthouse Administration to aid in the development of their curriculum.

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