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Unlocking Parametric Door Families in Revit

by Evan Anderson-Decina

In this Revit tutorial, we'll create a single door that utilizes multiple types of geometry in an intelligent parametric family. Software required: Revit 2015.

What you'll learn

We'll learn how to harness the 'I' in BIM, information, to allow Revit to perform the tedious tasks in drawing documentation so we can spend more time designing efficiently and effectively. By the end of this Revit training, you'll understand family modeling, creating parameters, using formulas to maximize the functionality of families and setting up shared parameters to use in schedules. Software required: Revit 2015.

About the author

Evan is a registered architect who has worked in architectural firms for over a decade. His proficiency in 3D software led him to be an award winning designer before leaving college, producing high quality renderings that enabled his creativity to standout above others. Evan truly appreciates the workflows and processes of utilizing BIM and 3D design software and believes harnessing those tools creates better design. He has been a Certified Revit Professional by Autodesk since 2012. When not in ... more

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