Updating Stacks with AWS CloudFormation

by Andru Estes

This course will teach you how you can automate updates within CloudFormation templates for both single accounts and organizations.

What you'll learn

Infrastructure as code and deploying infrastructure in an automated and repeatable manner is one of the highest demanded skills within the tech industry. Working in the cloud, you will need to be comfortable with both of those concepts, and this course will walk you through the different possibilities of creating, updating, and deleting infrastructure within AWS using CloudFormation and its many capabilities.

In this course, Updating Stacks with AWS CloudFormation, you’ll learn to provision updates to your infrastructure in a repeatable and automatic way. First, you’ll explore CloudFormation stack types. Next, you’ll discover how to utilize Change Sets within CloudFormation. Finally, you’ll learn how to detect infrastructure configuration drift within your organization. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge about CloudFormation Stacks needed to automate your infrastructure deployments in a repeatable fashion.

About the author

Andru is an experienced architect and engineer who has had many years of hands on experience with numerous cloud and virtualization technologies. Learning the newest technologies is what really drives him, and it is icing on the cake that he has the ability to teach others how to use what he has learned. Teaching the skill sets he has acquired can have lasting impacts on students, and that to him is amazing.

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