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Master Your Domain: User Roles & Capabilities in WordPress

by Chris Reynolds

User role assignments are an oft-overlooked feature of WordPress. This course takes an in-depth look at roles and capabilities and how to manipulate them for large sites with lots of users.

What you'll learn

When WordPress was just a blogging platform, only one user mattered: you, the blogger. But as WordPress has increasingly been used as a content management system for large-scale sites, a one-size-fits-all user class is bad for security and bad for the user experience. This course examines the built-in WordPress user roles and explores how to extend those and create new custom roles for different scenarios.

About the author

Chris Reynolds is a WordPress developer for WebDevStudios and has been a freelance web designer and developer specializing in WordPress since 2007. He has spoken at WordCamp Salt Lake City and WordPress SLC meetups, and has submitted plugins and themes to the repository. When he’s not writing code or making videos, he makes electronic music and cheers for Real Salt Lake.

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