Using AMPscript in CloudPages in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

by Justin Zucker

This course will teach you how to create CloudPages that use AMPscript to interact with your Marketing Cloud contacts and data, and perform interactions like sending triggered emails, capturing form data and updating contact subscription preferences.

What you'll learn

Creating CloudPages does not need to be intimidating. In this course, Using AMPscript in CloudPages in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you will learn how to use AMPscript to interact with your Marketing Cloud Data and contacts, and be able to perform interactions from within CloudPages. First, you will learn AMPscript functions and methods that are exclusively used with CloudPages. Next, you will explore common AMPscript functions to do CMS versioning. Finally, you will discover the SOAP API, error handling, adding/updating Salesforce data and utilizing dynamic content. When you are finished with this course, you will have the knowledge needed to build a custom preference center for your account that can interact with your Salesforce CRM records.

About the author

Justin comes to Pluralsight with over 6 years of experience with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, starting out using the platform as a marketer and then transitioning to an administrator, developer and consultant. He has had the privilege on working on projects for the most recognized brands in the world in the areas of entertainment, retail, life sciences and financial services. He specializes in the areas of Salesforce Marketing Cloud architecture and development, including a master level understan... more

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