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Using a C18 Preprocessor (CPP)

by Jaya Bodkhey

This course will teach you the role of C Preprocessor in the C programming language. You'll learn how C Preprocessor plays a role during the compilation process of a C program and how you can use various preprocessor directives practically.

What you'll learn

When it comes to learning a programming language, the focus is often on the different programming elements and syntax rules of a programming language. While it is important to learn these aspects, you shouldn’t be missing the most important piece that is responsible for performing all the background activities in order to translate your program written in a high-level language to a language that your machine is able to understand. In this course, Using a C Preprocessor (CPP), you’ll learn to use C preprocessor directives in your C program. First, you’ll explore various phases of the compilation process of a C program and what role does the C preprocessor play in that. Next, you’ll discover various preprocessor directives defined in the C library as well as those which are defined specific to different compiler flavors. Finally, you’ll learn how to use these preprocessor directives effectively in your C programs and applications. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of using the C preprocessor needed to understand the preprocessing phase during the compilation process and to use the features and power rendered by the preprocessor directives in your real time applications.

About the author

Jaya is a seasoned engineer in Information Security and Automation domain. During her rich experience of 10 years in software industry, she has worked on several technologies like Information Security, Penetration Testing, Certificate Management System, SSL, Networking, VENAFAI, Secure FTP, PKI Webservices, Cloud Security, Cloud Storage, Storage Virtualization, C, C++, Java, Python, Shell Scripting, Expect Scripting etc. She is proficient with Unix and Linux operating systems. She is also well v... more

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