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Using MiniProfiler in ASP.NET Core 4

by David Berry

This course will help you enable MiniProfiler, which can show you the timing of different code segments within your HTTP request, report on what SQL Statements were run during a request, and even help to detect problems.

What you'll learn

As developers, we want to get fast feedback about how our code is performing, and MiniProfiler is a library that helps us do just that. In this course, Using MiniProfiler in ASP.NET Core 4, you will learn how you can have the information you need to understand how your application is performing, quickly. First, you will see how to install MiniProfiler. Next, you will learn how you can time critical segments of code and how to track your data access performance. Finally, you will learn how you can track all of the HTTP calls your application makes in a really simple and elegant way. By the end this course, you’ll know how to use MiniProfiler to gain insights into what your application is doing and how it is performing that you never had before.

About the author

David Berry is a software engineer with over 15 years of application development experience. He started developing software in Java 1.0 using an Oracle 7 backend. Making the switch to Microsoft .NET when it was released, he has worked with every version of .NET since. He has also worked with every version of Oracle since Oracle 7 and ever version of SQL Server since SQL Server 7. His experience spans a broad range of industries including semiconductors, financial services, insurance an gove... more

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