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Prototyping Techniques for UX Design

by Kurt Krumme

In this course, you will explore the different methods and techniques to produce effective prototypes. Gain an understanding of what to test and what processes to use for the best possible outcome.

What you'll learn

If you’re not testing, you’re guessing. Maybe you’ll guess right, but with thousands and sometimes millions of dollars on the line, taking that kind of bet may not the best option. Prototyping is one of the fastest, easiest methods to test your ideas, validate assumptions and avoid taking a financial loss. In this course, Prototyping Techniques for UX Design, you’ll look at the benefits of prototyping, and take you through the creation process step by step. First, you'll discover different testing methods. Next, You’ll explore what makes an effective prototype, and demonstrate the different levels of fidelity you can use and how to choose between them. Finally, you'll dive into utilizing different testing methods. By the end of this course, you'll have the knowledge to produce prototypes to take your next project live with less risk.

About the author

Kurt Krumme is an award winning designer living and working in Toronto. He's spent most of the last two decades making things for clients ranging from small not-for-profits like Peace One Day to to Fortune 500 companies including Sony and FedEx. Lately he's focused on consulting for start-ups, helping them build cross-functional teams and translate their business strategies into effective products. In his free time he writes articles, works on his death-trap of a house, finds new ways to ... more

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