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UX-driven Software Design

by Dino Esposito

To write software that lives up to expectations, you need a better way to learn about business processes, domains, and craft applications. This course explores a methodology that puts UX at the foundation of the entire design process.

What you'll learn

This course's stance on software design is that starting from the ideal UX leads to a task-oriented analysis and top-down design of the solution. Not surprisingly, this is the exact opposite of the approach that has been taken for decades and that now is often giving more pain than gain. In this course, UX-driven Software Design, you'll learn a new way to design software. First, you'll discover the evidence of what makes software development an unpredictable science. Next, you'll explore how to turn requirements into visual artifacts for customers. Then, you'll cover abstract visual artifacts to input and view models. Finally, you'll learn how to use those models rather than domain and data to drive design and development. By the end of this course, you'll be familiar with a top-down methodology for building most cost-effective software.

Table of contents

Course Overview

About the author

After 20+ books (mostly with Microsoft Press) that educated two generations of .NET and web developers, 1000+ articles, hundreds of conference talks and 10000+ hours of training, Dino returned to pure and pragmatic software development and architecture. As the CTO of Crionet, Dino is the brains behind the software platforms that support 24x7, end-to-end operations in the circuits of professional tennis and padel tournaments and move data from on-court tablets up to betting web sites. Dino is al... more

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