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UX Fundamentals

by Krispian Emert

UX Fundamentals will give you a systematic framework to design great experiences for any product or service on any channel. You'll explore the elements of UX and its place within the development cycle. Software required: None.

What you'll learn

Designing simple, intuitive experiences can be difficult. The topics covered in this course will provide you with the foundation for creating great experiences that focus on the user. In this course, UX Fundamentals, you'll explore the elements of UX and its place within the development cycle. First, you'll uncover quick and easy user research techniques that will help in understanding users and their goals. You'll be able to apply this understanding throughout projects to ensure designs are user-centered. Next, you'll learn how to consider business goals and technical limitations, and combine these with user goals. Examples will then be shown on how to communicate the big picture through scenarios, flows, and user journeys. Finally, you'll cover wireframing as a sketching technique, and wireframes as the deliverable used to build the final product, while also exploring the concept of atomic design. By the end of this course, you'll have created a paper prototype, and have the understanding of how to plan, script, and conduct usability sessions. Software required: None.

Course FAQ

What is UX?

UX (User Experience) refers to how easy or difficult it is for a user to interact with a website or application. Keeping the end user in mind throughout the design of a product or service

What is UX used for?

UX is used for creating products or services that are meaningful to users. UX design helps teams design enjoyable, usable and practical products or services.

What will I learn in this UX course?

In this UX course you will learn the basics of UX design, including:
User Research (finding out who will use your product or service)
User Journey
and more!

What prerequisites are needed?

A basic understanding of UX principles may help you with this course, though it is not required before getting started.

About the author

Krispian has over 10 years of experience in the field of User Experience, working for award-winning agencies in Canada and Australia. She has provided strategic UX consulting for some of the world's top brands including, the NFL, Microsoft, Toyota, Thompson Reuters, and ING Bank. Krispian now consults for various companies as a User Experience Researcher and Information Architect. Krispian is a UX mentor and instructor of information architecture and design thinking at VFS. She's spoken most re... more

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