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UX Information Architecture

by Netta Tzin

This course will teach you how to apply Card Sorting Methods into the Information Architecture structuring process, in order to create Product Wireframes that are aligned with the users and stakeholders needs and demands in the most efficient way.

What you'll learn

When coming to design or website or product, we usually think first and foremost about the visual representation of the information, but doing that without addressing the content sorting and structure, can leave our users confused and lost while using our product. In this course, UX Information Architecture, you’ll learn to build the Information Architecture for your product. First, you’ll explore how to conduct the research for Information Architecture. Next, you’ll discover how to run Card sorting sessions, analyse the collected data and how to validate it by applying reverse card sorting and user testing. Finally, you’ll learn how to structure your product layout and design your product wireframes by applying its best practices. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of running the process of collecting data for the information Architecture and translating it into wireframes needed to generating the most useful and practical product for your users, so they can accomplish the purpose of using your product.

About the author

Netta is a Product and Growth expert, who’s been utilizing her talents as a Product Manager in insure-tech and music-tech fields, as well as a Product consultant for various organizations. Her background combines both academic degrees in Industrial Engineering (Bsc.) and in International Management (Msc.), along with work experience of over 10 years in strategizing, structuring, and executing projects and products, both in startups and corporations. In the past few years, Netta has focused on le... more

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