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Conducting UX Research

by Krispian Emert

Learn how and why UX Research can help you to create intuitive and delightful experiences.

What you'll learn

We all want to create “intuitive” and “delightful” experiences. These are easy words to say, but actually shipping a product that is intuitive and delightful is very difficult to accomplish.

I will teach you what we mean by intuitive, delightful experiences, and the importance of doing UX Research.

In this course you will learn when to do UX Research and how UX Research fits into the product development timeline. We’ll also cover UX Research techniques, and when is the best time to do each technique.

Along the way, together we will conduct research on a hypothetical app using easy, common-sense techniques that anyone can do.

About the author

Krispian has over 10 years of experience in the field of User Experience, working for award-winning agencies in Canada and Australia. She has provided strategic UX consulting for some of the world's top brands including, the NFL, Microsoft, Toyota, Thompson Reuters, and ING Bank. Krispian now consults for various companies as a User Experience Researcher and Information Architect. Krispian is a UX mentor and instructor of information architecture and design thinking at VFS. She's spoken most re... more

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