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UX Strategy Fundamentals

by Sandra Gonzalez

UX Strategy is key to the success of a product. In this course, you'll learn how to leverage unmet consumer needs in an agile culture to design a Minimum Awesome Product (MAP).

What you'll learn

Think for a moment what makes the top five apps on your phone so unique. Is it the incredible back-end system that supports them? Is it the fact that the system is operating at 99.999% reliability and they got the load balancing right? Alternatively, is it how it makes you feel and the meaning that it brings within the context of your day-to-day? In this course, UX Strategy Fundamentals, you'll learn how the user experience design can shape the customers' experience. First, you'll discover the building blocks of a UX strategy definition. Next, you'll explore the skill sets necessary to develop a UX strategy. Finally, workshops will expose you to different methods to develop a Minimum Awesome Product (MAP). By the end of this course, you'll know the best way to deliver a UX strategy for a successful project. Software required: None.

Table of contents

Course Overview

About the author

With a dual degree in Engineering and Education, Sandra also has extensive knowledge in developing curriculums for clients such as NASA, GE and Scholastic. Sandra has been previously endorsed by Axure for her successful efforts leading Axure meetups and full-day workshops in London and Madrid. She has often been referred as an Axure evangelist thanks to her in-depth experience as an educator and her unique approach to teaching Axure.

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