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Sound Design for Virtual Reality

by Jeanine Cowen

Learn to create an immersive audio experience for VR in Unity.

What you'll learn

Seasoned audio and video professionals have a lot of experience in producing and engineering music and sound for a multitude of uses. We know how to mic, how to arrange, how to edit, and how to mix. But what are the implications of producing and engineering audio that is intended to be distributed within a Virtual Reality - VR or 360° video environment?

In this course, we will walk through the techniques of capturing, implementing, and delivering audio for use in HMD VR, mobile VR, and panoramic 360° web platforms built within Unity. We will utilize real-world tracks and session data to show some of the complexities that arise during these productions.

In addition, we will present a succinct and easily understood list of contingencies to consider when working on projects that require a VR/XR and/or 360° video final output. Tools, tips, and tricks learned along the way to a finished project will be highlighted and presented for the audio professional to easily enter this highly innovative field that has a lot of potential and need for creative expertise. Required Software: Unity 2019

About the author

Jeanine Cowen works as a freelance composer, music producer, and sound designer focusing primarily on the intersection of audio and visual medias. She trained at Northwestern University as a classical percussionist, graduated from Berklee College of Music with degrees in film scoring, and music production and engineering, and has completed master’s work in interactive design and game development. She maintains an active teaching presence in music composition and technology. As a highly experienc... more

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