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Advanced Debugging with Visual Studio 2019

by Kate Gregory

This course is for users of Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise Edition. It describes two powerful debugging tools available in only this edition: IntelliTrace and Code Map.

What you'll learn

Have you ever been stepping through a program trying to reproduce a bug and looked right past it? Have you spent far too long trying to get an intermittent bug to happen? In this course, Advanced Debugging with Visual Studio 2019, you will learn about how IntelliTrace in Visual Studio 2019 Enterprise Edition enables Historical Debugging, which lets you go backward in a debugging session to examine the flow of control and the values of variables that caused a bad result, an exception to be thrown, or some other problem. First, you will discover how to use IntelliTrace for time travel debugging. Next, you will learn how to debug a bug that happened on another machine if a trace was collected. Finally, you will be given an introduction to Code Map, which lets you build a diagram of your system as you actually debug it. By the end of this course, you will understand the techniques on exploring relationships, spotting patterns that are not quite right, and explaining your code to others with Code Map.

About the author

Kate Gregory is in her fifth decade of being paid to program. Her firm, Gregory Consulting Limited, is based in rural Ontario and helps clients adopt new technologies and adjust to the changing business environment. Mentoring, technical writing, and technical speaking are her preferred ways of sharing wisdom with large groups of people. Kate is the author of over a dozen books and speaks at conferences around the world, with keynotes on 5 continents. Kate is a C++ MVP, develops courses (primaril... more

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