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Improving Code Quality with Visual Studio 2022 Code Analysis

by Mel Grubb

This course is about leveraging Visual Studio’s code analysis tooling to increase your code quality and maintainability.

What you'll learn

It can be difficult to keep a team of developers on the same page, following the same standards, especially when .NET and Visual Studio continue to evolve. In this course, Improving Code Quality with Visual Studio 2022 Code Analysis, you’ll learn to choose and configure analysis rules and refactorings to help maintain consistent coding choices and learn new language features as they emerge. First, you’ll explore the different kinds of code analysis offered by Visual Studio. Next, you’ll discover how you can customize the rules to enforce the ones that are most important to you and deemphasize the ones that aren’t. Finally, you’ll learn how to make code analysis a core part of your build process, and even how to create your own analyzers. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge needed to leverage Visual Studio’s code analysis tooling to learn new language features, enforce coding choices, and automate away some of the common sources of code churn.

About the author

Mel Grubb has been a professional software developer since 1995, working with .Net since version 1.0. Before that, he was a hobbyist since receiving his first computer, a TI-99/4a in 1982, and heavily modifying it over the course of several years. He's a software developer in central Ohio, concentrating on C# and ASP.Net MVC solutions with a focus on simplicity, testability, and overall coding craftsmanship.

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