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Visual Studio Team Services: Migrating from TFS

by Scott Tate

At first glance, migrating to Visual Studio Team Services seems like a daunting task. This course walks through all required migration steps in detail and gives substantial best practices, resources, and cleanup recommendations along the way.

What you'll learn

Team Foundation Server is getting better than it has ever been. The cloud offering of TFS, Visual Studio Team Services, is now mature enough that just about any organization out there can take advantage of the many benefits of the cloud infrastructure. It is apparent that a great majority of TFS users have already migrated to VSTS. Unfortunately, the end-to-end walkthrough resources out there tend to fall flat in this area. In this course, Visual Studio Team Services: Migrating from TFS, you will learn the many facets of every migration step, as well as the pitfalls that can be realized by non-optimal decisions. You'll also explore migrating to GIT source control. Finally, you'll learn and understanding the important responsibilities about being a user of cloud technologies. This course can be used as a guide for specific parts of a migration or the entire system. After finishing this course, you will have the skills needed to perform a best-practice migration to VSTS from any level of TFS on-premises implementation.

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About the author

Scott Tate is the founder and Chief Information Officer for, a Colorado-based development and cloud organization where he assists companies as they solve challenges with their cloud endeavors. Scott has over 20 years of experience with software development, ALM consulting, and cloud computing.

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