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VMWare ESXi Vulnerability: What You Should Know

by Brandon DeVault and Michael Teske

Q&A session discussing the VMWare ESXi Vulnerability, CVE-2021-21974

What you'll learn

This course covers a Q&A session discussing the VMWare ESXi Vulnerability, CVE-2021-21974. We will cover what it is, why it’s such a critical and widespread vulnerability that can exist in a multitude of systems, and how to identify if you’ve been affected.

Table of contents

VMWare ESXi Vulnerability: What You Should Know
Additional Resources
Risk Assessment

About the authors

Brandon DeVault is a Security Researcher focused on threat hunting at CrowdStrike. He is also a member of the Florida Air National Guard with a variety of offensive and defensive experience. Prior to joining CrowdStrike, Brandon worked full-time as an author with Pluralsight and at Elastic, creating and delivering security content. He also worked with Special Operations Command, where he had two deployments to Afghanistan on deployable communications teams. His experience spans incident response... more

Michael Teske is a principal security author with Pluralsight helping people build their skills toolkit. Michael has 25+ years of experience in the IT Ops/Cloud/Cybersecurity industry including 17 of those years as an IT instructor at a technical college, focusing on Microsoft server infrastructure, security and automation. Michael attained his MBA with an emphasis in Computer Information System Security several years ago. Michael still keeps up with the industry as an independent consultant in ... more

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