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VMware vCloud Director Essentials

by David Davis and Jake Robinson

Learn the basics of cloud computing and how to create a hybrid cloud to deploy IT resources on-demand with VMware vCloud Director.

What you'll learn

This comprehensive course teaches you cloud computing basics and shows you how to use VMware vCloud Director to create a hybrid cloud that can deploy IT resources on-demand. You'll learn cloud computing and vCloud Director 101, how to build a vCloud Director lab, how to manage vCloud Director resources, and how to create catalogs and vApps. This course is designed for those who have little to no experience in cloud computing, but want to learn solid skills to build upon.

Table of contents

Understanding vCloud Director Catalogs
vCloud Architecture Toolkit (vCAT)
vCloud Director Client for iPad

About the authors

David has authored over 100 courses for around enterprise data center technologies such as cloud computing, virtualization, and (especially) VMware vSphere. He is a partner at where he creates compelling enterprise technology content, moderates online events, and helps to connect some of the best-known technology companies in the industry with the end user community. With over 20 years in enterprise technology, he has served as an IT Manager, administrator, an... more

Jake has a broad range of IT infrastructure experience. This experience ranges from telecom and networking, to operating systems from Microsoft and Linux. He has a strong security background as well. Jake is currently a solution architect for a certified vCloud Datacenter Provider. At this provider, he helps to build and design the cloud, focus on the automation of the cloud infrastructure, and provide advanced troubleshooting for their clients' vCloud Organizations.

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