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VoIP and Web Calls: Tips for Better Remote Communications

by Amber Israelsen

With more people working remotely, the importance of remote communication skills has never been greater. This course will teach you how to prepare for a web call, how to lead or participate in the call, and then how to take action afterwards.

What you'll learn

With more and more employees working remotely, remote communication skills have become increasingly important. This is especially true of VoIP or web-calls. However, in a world full of distractions, deadlines, competing time zones, and a dizzying array of tools, how can you maximize the time you have on these calls? How can you effectively transition from communicating face-to-face with someone in an office to communicating with someone who's perhaps half a world away? In this course, VoIP and Web Calls: Tips for Better Remote Communications, you'll learn this and much more. First you'll learn how to prepare for the call. Then you'll learn how to effectively lead or participate in the call. Finally you'll explore the actions to take after the call is complete. When you're finished with this course, you'll have a solid understanding of remote communications and how they can help you move forward as an effective communicator in your field.

About the author

Amber has been a software developer and technical trainer since the early 2000s. In recent years, she has focused on teaching AI, machine learning, AWS and Power Apps, teaching students around the world. She also works to bridge the gap between developers, designers and businesspeople with her expertise in visual communication, user experience and business/professional skills. She holds certifications in machine learning, AWS, a variety of Microsoft technologies, and is a former Microsoft Cer... more

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