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VR Interaction Fundamentals

by Eric Weiss

Have you ever wanted to build an Interactive VR game? If so, VR Interaction Fundamentals is the perfect course for you. You will build several fun interactive carnival-style games and gain the know how to create your own VR games.

What you'll learn

In this course, VR Interaction Fundamentals, you will learn foundational knowledge of interactive VR. First, you will learn how to set up a VR Player Character. Next, you will create several types of interactable objects including buttons, throwables, and handheld shooting weapons. Finally, you will add a VR User Interface for a scoring system. When you’re finished with this Unity 3D and SteamVR course, you’ll not only create several VR Games, but also learn how you can apply these skills to create a variety of Interactive VR experiences. Software and Hardware required: Unity 3D, SteamVR Plugin, HTC Vive.

About the author

Eric has completed work on numerous high budget and large team projects that have seen revenues in the billions of dollars and winning prestigious awards. His credits include: Superman Returns, Polar Express, Final Fantasy the Spirits Within, Godzilla, Back at the Barnyard, James Bond from Russia with Love, Lord of the Rings the Third Age, Rising Storm, UFC-Trainer, PREY. Eric is currently the CEO of VHornet, a VR/AR production company and past Chair of the Game Art and Animation Program at the ... more

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