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Interior Rendering Strategies with V-Ray and 3ds Max

by Verena Tatiana

When it comes to architectural visualization, knowing how to render interiors is key. This course covers the best strategies for successfully rendering interiors in order to have a realistic scene, as efficiently as possible. Software required: 3ds Max and Photoshop CC.

What you'll learn

Interior Rendering with V-Ray can be a challenging task. There are so many ways it can be done, and you can end up not knowing where to go, or why to use a specific tool instead of other. In this course, Interior Rendering Strategies with V-Ray and 3ds Max, you will be able to complete an interior render from light to basic post production. First, you'll learn about combining lights with a HDR file. Next, you'll explore how to import downloaded materials. Finally, you'll wrap up the course by adding displacement to geometry. When you're finished with this V-Ray course, you'll not only have a complete interior scene that is portfolio-ready, but you will also know how to apply the rendering skills you see here in your own projects in the future. Software required: 3ds Max and Photoshop CC.

About the author

Verena started her career working for a computer graphics school in Brazil, as an intern, where she was responsible for helping teachers in class. Afterwards, she went to an exhibition planning company, where she was responsible for developing exhibition projects from planning to execution. She also spent some time as a 3D generalist at an animation studio in Salvador, Maianga Eldorado, where she was responsible mainly for rigging, 3D animation, and 3D concept art for clients around the world. ... more

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