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Introduction to Lighting and Rendering with V-Ray for NUKE

by Tony D'Agostino

This will be a quick introduction to V-Ray for NUKE. You'll learn how to utilize V-Ray for NUKE to light and render CG to match a plate. Software required: NUKE, V-Ray.

What you'll learn

V-Ray is a powerful rendering engine used by professional CG artists around the world. For the first time, compositors now have access to its suite of tools directly inside NUKE. In this course, Introduction to Lighting and Rendering with V-Ray for NUKE, you'll learn how to shade, light and render a character asset in NUKE. First, you'll learn the fundamentals of the V-Ray renderer and the V-Ray camera. Then, you'll learn about V-Ray materials and look development. Then, you'll learn about lighting with V-Ray lights and NUKE lights. Finally, you'll learn about multi-pass compositing with V-Ray render elements. By the end of this course, you'll know the basics of V-Ray for NUKE and be ready to light and render CG for your own shots. Software required: NUKE, V-Ray for NUKE.

About the author

Tony D'Agostino is a senior compositor and NUKE Certified Trainer. His recent work includes Jurassic World, Guardians of the Galaxy, Godzilla, and Game of Thrones. He has been employed by studios such as Industrial Light & Magic, Scanline VFX, The Moving Picture Company (MPC), Image Engine Design, and Animal Logic. He also runs a website (The VFX Camera Database) devoted to helping artists get better camera tracks. The VFX Camera Database is a database of camera film back, sensor dimension, and ... more

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