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Diagnostic Analyzers in Visual Studio 2015: First Look

by Kathleen Dollard

Learn how the most powerful features of Visual Studio 2015 - diagnostic analyzers, code fixes, and refactorings - let you automate code quality issues. You’ll learn how to find, understand, and create analyzers so you can get back to real work.

What you'll learn

Visual Studio 2015 leverages the power of Roslyn to add powerful new diagnostic features: diagnostic analyzers, code fixes, and refactorings. This course begins by teaching you how to find and install analyzers for individual projects or your machine. It then teaches you how to understand existing analyzers and build new ones. The power lies in writing or tweaking analyzers so they align with your team. This lets you switch effort from mundane code quality issue to building applications.

Table of contents

About the author

Kathleen Dollard is a .NET Team Coach. She has been a Microsoft MVP since 1998 and is an ASP.NET Insider. Kathleen is an INETA Speaker and has given over a hundred speeches around the world. Fluent in both C# and Visual Basic, she’s interested in making core .NET technologies, the best open source tools, and reasonable processes available to all coders so they can to write better software faster. She has worked extensively with compositional architectures including MEF, WebAPI, ROC, and NetKerne... more

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