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January 6, 2011
1h 49m

In many organizations, the .Net developer is also tasked with the coding and creation of the database to hold their application data. Often they need to take over projects for which no database code can be found. Then once they've created code, they have to track changes manually in order to provide the DBA with change scripts. All the while thinking, "there's got to be a better way!" Fear not .Net Developer, it's Data Dude to the rescue! Originally code named "Data Dude", Visual Studio Database Projects havef gone through several name changes since it's inception with VS 2005. In Visual Studio 2010 it became another project type, a Database Project. In this series you will learn how to harness the power of the Database Project to create a new database, or reverse engineer the code for an existing database. You will learn how to refactor, and let Visual Studio keep track of the changes, to let it automatically generate change and deployment scripts. Finally, you'll learn how to take advantage of Visual Studio's powerful data generation capabilities to create realistic test data.

About the author
About the author

Robert C. Cain ( is a Microsoft MVP, MCTS Certified in BI, and is the owner of Arcane Training and Consulting, LLC. He is also a course author for Pluralsight, team member at Linchpin People, and co-author of 4 books.

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