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Visual Studio 2010 Tricks

by Kathleen Dollard

Tricks for Visual Studio 2010 to improve your focus and efficiency

What you'll learn

Visual Studio is your toolbox and knowing how to use that toolbox will make you a faster more efficient coder that's not distracted by the complexity of your environment. Almost all the tricks in Visual Studio 2010 work in Visual Studio 2012 as well, and many also work in previous versions of Visual Studio. You'll learn how to leverage IntelliSense and more efficiently edit code. You'll see a boatload of keystrokes in the context of getting things done. Find and Replace has some of the most underutilized features of Visual Studio and you'll learn how to speed up simple searches by avoiding the Find dialog, nuances of exploring symbols, and Regular Expression for find and replace.

Table of contents

About the author

Kathleen Dollard is a .NET Team Coach, has been a Microsoft MVP since 1998, and is an ASP.NET Insider.

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