Expanded Library

Introduction to Visual Studio Tools for Office

by John Brown

This module introduces the developer to the powerful Add-Ins and document customizations that are possible with Microsoft Office using VSTO

What you'll learn

There is a powerhouse of capabilities that are already sitting on most users desktops. Using Visual Studio Tools for Office, you can develop Add-Ins and Document Customizations that can add complex functionality to your users favorite applications. Allow them to interact with databases, services, external libraries, and many, many more. This course shows you how to get started developing an end-to-end solution using VSTO.

About the author

John Brown is a Software Craftsman continually looking for intuitive designs, agile architectures, and streamlined processes. With degrees in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins and Aerospace Engineering from Purdue, John is always up for a challenge, especially in his areas of interest in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. As a Software Architect, he has built systems for small startups in the healthcare space to large mission critical systems for three letter Federal Agencies. He c... more

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