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Vue 3 Router

by Nertil Poci

This course will teach you the intricacies of adding navigation to your Vue.js web applications using the Vue Router, a powerful tool for creating dynamic and responsive navigation experiences.

What you'll learn

Modern single-page applications can quickly become complex, with hundreds or even thousands of components that need to fit together seamlessly. Managing these interactions can be a challenge, but Vue Router can help. In this course, Vue 3 Router, you’ll learn how to configure routing in Vue.js applications using the Vue Router. First, you'll see how to install and configure primary routes, create dynamic routes with parameters, and pass route parameters as props to components. Then, you'll discover how to add route guards to protect your application, and interact with the Vue Router API programmatically. After that, you'll explore creating advanced layouts using nested and named views, eliminating dependencies between components, and managing the layout of your application through the router. Finally, you'll learn how to improve application load time by lazy loading route components, add transitions between menus, and remember users' last scrolling position for an improved user experience. By the end of this course, you'll have a deep understanding of Vue Router and be able to quickly implement different routing scenarios in your Vue.js applications to create a good user and developer experience.

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About the author

Nertil is a freelance software architect working with different companies around the globe to help them bring their products to market. He has a master’s degree in computer science with a focus in software architecture. One of his main passions is discovering new tools and libraries that exists out there. Knowing what tools are available building apps much easier and gives you the confidence you need when challenging task comes along. Nertil enjoys building practical open source apps in his spar... more

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