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WCF End-to-End

by Miguel Castro

WCF End-to-End will take you from zero to hero on Microsoft's richest service-oriented technology. You'll learn how to write services that have very rich characteristics including state, transactions, fault-handling, callbacks, and even security.

What you'll learn

WCF is NOT dead! Got your attention? It's important to get that out of the way because in today's world, the lack of discussion of a technology is often misinterpreted as the death of a technology. The artist formerly known as Indigo (WCF) has been generally available since Visual Studio 2005 and is still the best platform for writing service or messaging-based systems on the Microsoft platform. What about Web API, you ask? WCF and Web API are drastically different platforms with different goals and purposes. WCF offers the richest and most robust programming model for exposing services with characteristics and capabilities not available in any other messaging technology. Capabilities like state-management, callback eventing, and transaction handling. In this course, I'll teach you WCF from beginning to end. You're getting absolutely everything you will need to get the job done in a service oriented environment and to take advantage of all the richness the WCF platform has to offer. Nothing will be left to chance here so come to learn to do it right, and see how easy it can truly be.

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About the author

Whether playing on the local Radio Shack's TRS-80 or designing systems for clients around the globe, Miguel has been writing software since he was 12 years old. He insists on staying heavily involved and up-to-date on all aspects of software application design & development, and projects that diversity onto the type of training and consulting he provides to his customers and believes that it’s never just about understand the technologies, but how technologies work together. Miguel is a Microsoft... more

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