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WCF 4 New Features

by Scott Seely

This course explains a number of the enhancements to WCF 4.0 over the WCF 3.5 SP1 release

What you'll learn

This course covers updates to WCF between 3.5 and 4.0. A number of changes were made to make configuration easier and to better integrate WCF REST with ASP.NET. WCF 4.0 also includes new features to support Discovery and Routing.

Table of contents

About the author

Scott Seely is the president of The Jeanius Factory, Inc. (http://jeaniusfactory.com). He is a Microsoft Regional Director and a Microsoft MVP (http://mvp.microsoft.com/profiles/Seely). He blogs at http://scottseely.com. He is an active member of the .NET community in the Chicago area, helping found That Conference, organize Code Camps, and speaking at user groups throughout the region. Scott has authored and co-authored five books and dozens of articles on software development. When away from h... more

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