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Making a Web Form Accessible

by Fiona Holder

Web accessibility is more straightforward than you'd think. This course starts with an inaccessible web form and steps through each of the changes necessary to make it accessible, including an introduction to testing with free screen reader software.

What you'll learn

Web accessibility can seem like a daunting topic, but it's actually fairly simple to make improvements and meet the guidelines with some small changes to your HTML and CSS. In this course, Making a Web Form Accessible, you'll be starting with a fully-functional, but inaccessible web form for booking a room at a hotel. You'll walk through the minor changes required to make it fully accessible. You don't need to have any prior experience of making a website accessible, just a good understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/jQuery and you're ready to go. At each step, you'll be shown what the issue is, a straightforward way of resolving it, and the improved outcome. Never used a screen reader before? You'll see how to get started with the free NVDA screen reader to see your site from a different perspective. You'll also learn about WAI-ARIA (a specific kind of HTML) and how to fix the form validation. By the end of this course, you'll know how to create a web form that is vastly more usable for everyone, and still just as stylish as when you started.

About the author

Fiona Holder is an Enterprise Architect primarily working with Microsoft applications and the Azure Cloud. She has extensive experience in ASP.NET Core / SQL Server applications development, leading development teams and architecting solutions to meet customer needs. Fiona is also a strong advocate of web accessibility.”

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