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Tracking Real World Web Performance

by Nik Molnar

How fast is your site? Learn about RUM (Real User Monitoring), Synthetic Testing, Performance Budgets and more to find out!

What you'll learn

Study upon study confirms that web performance has a direct correlation to revenue, operating costs, and search engine ranking. With this in mind, we all want our applications to be faster, but how do we know what bottlenecks to focus on? This course will cover how to leverage various browser APIs to capture your application's live performance data, understand what the metrics mean, and focus on the ones you should really care about. Along the way you'll learn how to monitor real users, understand when to use synthetic testing tools, and automate performance tracking.

About the author

Nik Molnar is a Program Manager at Microsoft and co-founder of Glimpse, an open source diagnostics and debugging tool. Nik lives in Austin, Texas where he specializes in web development, web performance, web API's, and community management. He is a frequent speaker at international conferences and on technical podcasts. In his spare time, Nik can be found cooking up a storm in the kitchen, hanging with his wife, and working on other open source projects.

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