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Deep Dive into Web Push Notifications

by Harit Himanshu

Push Notifications are widely used mechanism for delivering real-time content to users. This course will teach you the fundamentals, workflow, and algorithm behind a successful web push notification implementation with real-world examples.

What you'll learn

Web Push Notifications are all about delivering timely and engaging content to where your users are. By not having to ask for email or phone numbers and yet be able to deliver the content at the user's will is extremely powerful. This has led to a widespread adoption of push notifications. In this course, Deep Dive into Web Push Notifications, you will first learn the fundamentals of notifications. Then, you will gain the conceptual understanding behind creating notifications on the web. Next, you will gain understanding behind sending messages from the servers to clients. This will involve learning the security aspects such as VAPID protocol. Finally, you will learn to implement some of the best practices recommended by Google when delivering push notifications to your users. Throughout this course, you will learn the material using visual content and by following along with a project from scratch. When you're finished with this course, you'll have skills and knowledge of Web Push Notifications to integrate into a new or an existing project.

About the author

Harit Himanshu is a hands-on software professional with more than a decade of experience in building and shipping products at companies of small to large sizes. He has contributed in various domains such as Advertising, CleanTech, Security, and FinTech. He is passionate about writing clean testable code and prefers being lazy when coding. In his free time, he is found tinkering new technologies, learning new business domains, reading books, cooking, singing and investing his time with his wife o... more

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