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What's New in PowerShell Version 3

by Robert Cain

The newest version of PowerShell, 3.0, ships with a huge number of new features. This course will brief you on the most imporant of these.

What you'll learn

Version 3 of PowerShell was a major upgrade from the previous version: over 2000 new cmdlets, new language enhancements, PowerShell Web Access, OData support, and most imporantly workflows. This course explores the key new features so you can start employing them today.

About the author

Robert C. Cain ( is a Microsoft MVP, MCTS Certified in BI, and is the owner of Arcane Training and Consulting, LLC. He is a course author for Pluralsight, team member at Linchpin People, and co-author of 4 books. A popular speaker, Robert has presented at events such as the SQL PASS Summit, TechEd, CodeStock, and numerous SQL Saturdays. Robert has over 25 years' experience in the IT industry, working in a variety of fields including manufacturing, insurance, teleco... more

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