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Developing for Windows 7

by Eric Burke

Learn how to develop for the new features in Windows 7

What you'll learn

The release of Windows 7 brings with it a myriad of new features and APIs, including restart management, task dialogs, and Windows Search. Learn how to migrate your existing applications from Windows XP to Windows 7, and make your applications light up on the new platform.

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About the author

Eric is a Principal Technical Yahoo! at Yahoo!, Inc., where he is a lead developer on the Yahoo! Messenger team. Since graduating from Purdue in 1994, Eric has been building software applications on Windows platforms. Eric is interested in all aspects of the .NET Framework, but specifically WPF, Silverlight, and other client technologies. He is also particularly interested in figuring out ways to improve performance of end-user .NET client applications. Eric has spoken about WPF numerous tim... more

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